Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Comfort Zones

Comfort zones…we all have them. But why is it that, more times than not, it takes unforeseen circumstances to push us out of the “zone” instead of a self-elected, bold step into the abyss? One of my comfort zones is my addiction to habit…it doesn’t matter if the “habit” is two months or two years old. If it is a part of my routine, I cherish the consistency it brings to my life and feel its loss deeply once it’s gone.

In just one week’s time, a budding relationship that I was certain had longevity ended, I totaled my car in an accident, and my two-year-old son was extremely sick with a stomach flu that seemed to last forever. Any one of these situations would have elevated my heart rate on its own, but when they all hit at once, I was convinced I would need blood pressure medicine by week’s end!! Things that were there were now MIA and my daily routine was now up in the air. As I stood outside the “zone,” pondering how to get back in it, I received a call from Fila about the Desert Fashion show where Yogahitch was being featured. To my surprise, they asked me if I would walk my collection down the runway. Before my conscious mind could intervene, my subconscious mind said, “YES!”

As I hung up the phone, heart in hand, sick child in arms and one fog light from my truck staring at me from my dining table (the mechanic thought it would be funny to return it to me) I wondered where that “yes” came from. It definitely didn’t come from the woman trying to get her routine back on track or the one who suffered from stage fright her entire life—but it did! It’s as if my subconscious mind was screaming to take control of decisions that would get me out of my comfort zone…and that it did!

After my fitting on Saturday (held in a semi-private room for all to see), with hair and make-up complete, I was as ready as I was ever going to be to step out of my zone and into the abyss. There I stood, in the show’s line-up, watching the group in front of me get smaller as the models made their entrance onto the runway. To my surprise, I felt my nervous fear turn into excitement. Excitement over what a gift the universe brought to me and pride over the fact that I took control of my comfort zone by walking a fashion show at age 38! As I made my entrance onto the runway, with its bright lights and bumping beats, it occurred to me, whether I was the oldest or shortest woman on the catwalk that day was irrelevant, because I knew, hands down, I was one the happiest!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yogahitch Fitcuffs

Yogahitch has recently launched a new yoga product - the Yogahitch Fitcuff. Shop for unique yoga accessories at!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yoga product demo @ Whole Foods El Segundo

YogaHitch and Solixir are teaming up at Whole Foods El Segundo, Calif. tomorrow for a yoga product demo. With a purchase of a YogaHitch you will receive your choice of a can of Solixir. Come join the love fest from 11:30AM-1:00PM. See you there!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Check out our Couture Collection

If you think our Now Collection of specialty made Yogahitch yoga mat carriers, then you are in for a real treat with our elegantly designed Couture Collection. Rock this handy yoga prop at your next yoga session and the next thing you know, you'll be a Yogahitch ambassador!  

Every Yogahitch is hand-made in the USA from the most luxurious terry-cloth cotton. Our three featured collections offer color and design options to complement every personality and style

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yogahitch teams up with Solixir for a free yoga product giveaway

Win a fantastic Yoga mat carrier from Yogahitch by participating in Solixir's latest Facebook contest!

Here's the deal: post a picture of you practicing your favorite pose with a can of Solixir. It's pretty simple right?

Fans will vote on their favorite picture. The top 3 vote getters will get a Yogahitch mat carrier. Please submit all photos by April 15th. Good luck and tell your friends!

Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up® is already getting the ball rolling with Solixir's Yogahitch giveaway. Check out her photo below. Let's see what photo you can come up with!

Solixir Yogahitch yoga product contest

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yogahitch Zen Collection

Yogahitch currently offers three lines of yoga product that will enhance your yoga practice, whether you choose to use it as a yoga towel or as a mat carrier. The three lines of yoga products include the Now Collection, the Zen Collection and the Couture Collection.

Here are some photos of our ZEN Collection:

Petal Yogahitch

Sky Yogahitch
Green Tea Yogahitch

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#1 yoga accessory for your yoga tool belt

Now Collection
Couture Collection
Zen Collection
Yogahitch owners all across the Los Angeles area are raving about the versatility of such a unqiue and useful yoga accessory. Every Yogahitch is hand-made in the USA from the most luxurious terry-cloth cotton. Our three featured collections offer 18 different color and design options to complement every personality and style. And its muliple functionality makes it a must-have yoga product to include as part of your yoga tool belt. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and order online at Namaste.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exclusive giveaway - Find out how you can win a free Yogahitch from Fila

This just in. Word on the street has it that Fila will be featuring the stylish Yogahitch yoga accessory on their Facebook fan page on Wednesday. Fila will be giving away 10 Yogahitches, but you have to be a Fila Facebook fan to participate. Not a fan yet? Visit their Facebook page at and click the like button. While you're at, become a Yogahitch fan too at

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is yoga?

Yoga is a type of body conditioning that involves breathing exercises, meditation and stretching of the body in different ways all of which are designed to discipline the mind and body into a state of tranquility and spiritual enlightenment. Yoga is a school of Hindu philosophy that not only strengthens your muscles and improves your flexibility, but it also helps those who practice yoga find inner peace and harmony. According to one source, yoga is all about the union of a person's own consciousness and the universal consciousness.

There are six primary branches of yoga that one can practice and they include: Hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga, Jnana yoga, Karma yoga and Tantra yoga.

Hatha yoga is probably the most popular type of yoga practiced by many yogis and is known as the yoga of physical processes as it combines physical poses with breathing and meditation to achieve better heath.

Bhakti yoga is a type of yoga that takes a more devotional approach to spiritual wellness by developing a person's love all things living.

Raja yoga has a more classical approach to yoga and is known as the yoga of self control as it involves disciplining your mind, body, energy and senses using a precise system that is designed to turn mental and physical energy into spiritual energy by uniting the Ego.

Jnana yoga is a type of yoga that has more of a focus on the mind with knowledge and wisdom at the core of this practice. The goal of this type of yoga is to develop a deeper in knowledge of self through intuition of the soul.

Karma yoga is another branch of yoga is much more service oriented. In this type of practice, it is often believed that past actions play a role in present situation, so by doing selfless acts moving forward, you are changing your destiny for the better.

Tantra yoga is known as the yoga of rituals not the yoga of sex despite the implication. This type of yoga focuses on experiencing the Divine through a set of rituals meant to increase self-awareness which is the cornerstone of most yoga practices if not all.

If you are new to yoga, Yogahitch offers a great yoga product that serves as a both a yoga mat carrier, a towel,  and a yoga tool to enhance your journey through yoga. As you can see there are many different routes you can take to reach the same destination of spiritual wellness. Choose the one that is more appealing to you and your needs and prepare to be enlightened.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yogahitch is launching a new product!

Get a sneak peak from a latest photo shoot teaser by visiting our Facebook page at

You didn't think we were going to give you the dirt here, did you? Visit our Facebook page to the exclusive sneak peak on a new yoga accessory product from yours truly at Yogahitch!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yogahitch NOW Collection

Yogahitch currently offers three lines of yoga products that will enhance your yoga practice. The three lines of yoga products include the Now Collection, the Zen Collection and the Couture Collection.

Here are some photos of our NOW Collection:

Fiji Yogahitch: Currently in stock

Citrus Yogahitch: Currently in stock
Electra Yogahitch: Currently in stock
Honey Dew Yogahtich: Currently out of stock
Steel Yogahitch: Currently in stock
White Out Yogahitch: Currently out of stock

Friday, January 28, 2011

Taxi Yoga in NYC

Yoga isn't just for women and this article by the New York Times proves it. We all know that using yoga can help you relax your body and mind, yet yoga is typically seen as an activity primarily revolving around women. However women are not the only species on the planet that needs stress relief from the daily idiosyncrasies of life. Men, particularly cabdrivers (a very niche group of men), are also in dire need of a mind, body and soul cleanse that only yoga can provide them.

According to the Times, a study conducted in 2008 found that many cabdrivers suffered from such ailments as back pains, neck pains as well as sore heels, knees and feet. And given the sedentary nature of their jobs, many of them are also overweight. No wonder cabdrivers seem so crabby!

Anyway, so this guy who used to be a taxi driver ended up creating a Taxi Yoga class for cabdrivers to help them be more at peace with themselves and their mind and body. It's definitely an interesting concept and I commend this guy for doing what he's doing for men who clearly need yoga. And you know what this means? It means that more men may consider getting hitched with Yogahitch because Yogahitch works not just as a yoga mat carrier, but as a super absorbent towel to wipe away sweat. Plus, it can make hard yoga moves a little easier in some cases and can keep new yogis from slipping on their mats.

To learn all the different ways that Yogahitch can enhance your yoga practice, visit

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, the many ways you can benefit from Yogahitch

A Yogahitch is a stylish and convenient way to carry your mat to and from your class. Yogahitch can carry your mat either from a center position, which is great for including your water bottle, or an end position.

A Yogahitch has other purposes too! Yogahitch helps prevent slipping on your mat during yoga practice. You can even double up your Yogahitch when biking to class so you're mat can be secured almost like a backpack.

A Yogahitch can be used to assist with stretching in numerous positions and can also be used during Savasana (resting pose). It's also a super absorbent towel in case you break a heavy sweat doing some of the more challenging yoga moves. And whether it's brisk inside or in, Yogahitch keeps the sweat away and the chills at bay!

Get hitched with Yogahitch today! Come check out our yoga products and accessories at

Friday, January 14, 2011

Get hitched with Yogahitch

Getting hitched is a day you will never forget....nor will we! Check out who just took the plunge!